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Watch Trimurti movie free and streaming Watch Trimurti Title: Trimurti Description: Watch Trimurti movie free and streaming. New Hindi movie Trimurti, directed by Mukul Anand, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Om Puri, Kader Khan in the lead roles. TRIMURTI is a brilliant story that spans beyond the ancient boundaries of our mythological past. The movie starts with the Brahmins of old dividing the country into villages and clans. Legend has it that Lord Brahma, when one evening he had neither eaten nor slept for several days, went and sought a meal from an ascetic guru. The Guru gave him a flute and told him to play it for all to hear and get them to sing along with him. In the attempt to soothe his hunger, Brahma first played the Tamburu. After that, He played the Santoor and the Kalimantan. Soon, he played the Dammajia- the Gujerat Folk-dance and the Karnad-the Mayura Folk-dance. Each and every dance form was related to another field of human activity. In an attempt to explain to Brahma the reasons for the existence of all these activities, the guru gave him the meaning of those dances. He told him that in one day the world was created with the Art of Dance as its first act. In each era, the dance form that is done, explains the change in the social environment. Thus, the Kamalabai Dance form was done to express a new movement of modernization. Once we had to stay within the limits of our village, then we had to migrate and then people started their own villages. Thus, the Gharana dance form was born. The dance form was a manifestation of a class struggle, a class conflict. The dance form was based on a certain class system and depended on the power and prestige of the dancers. Since every era had its own dance forms, therefore, a group of gurus had been appointed who specialized in each dance form. The duty of these men was to pass on their knowledge to a new generation of dancers. Even today, the dance form has been a direct reflection of social changes. The Kamala style has become contemporary dance, the Kichapa dance has given birth to Hip Hop, etc. In the rural areas, because the system of dance

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